Help-2-Whelp helps generate prolonged muscle contraction during whelping, reducing inter-puppy birth interval, ultimately reducing the occurrence of stillbirths.

A supplement to be added to the bitches diet, as a top dressing or mixed in with food, 7-10 days before expected whelping (not to be administered after whelping).




Help-2-Whelp Recommend Daily Requirements:

(7-10 days before expected whelping) Not to be given after whelping.

Small Breed -1 scoop of Help-2-Whelp formula

Medium Breed – 1.25 scoops of Help-2-Whelp formula

Large – 2 level scoops of Help-2-Whelp formula

Giant Breed – 2 heaped scoops of Help-2-Whelp formula

If for any reason the pregnant bitch rejects the preparation on her food, then add 1 part of Help-2-Whelp + 4 parts of water and administer by mouth once a day. Help-2-Whelp contains the following ingredients: Calcium ions (Ca2+), Dextrose (blood sugar), Electrolytes and Nucleotides.

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