Bug the stud

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% label% No
Location Rutland
Stud Fee ££75
Name Of Dog Bug fudge
Breed Cocker spaniel
Age 5
Available From 1 March 2024
Health Checked Yes
Hips & Elbows Checked Yes
Eye Test Yes
DNA Tested Yes
Health Results Comments

Wisdom panel DNA tested- 100% English cocker spaniel
DNA tested against 206 genetic conditions and all clear;
main ones are-
AMS- clear
MDR1 drug sensitivity- clear
PLN- clear
Sensory neuropathy- clear
Xanthinuria- clear
Cerebral dysfunction- clear
Chondrodysplacia- clear

All 206 clears available upon request.

Hip score- 3 right 2 left

Gonioscopy -0 clear
BVA eye test – clear

Carries the following colours;
2x copies of reduced shedding gene
2x copies of chocolate
2x copies of tan point
2x copies of dominant black
1x copy of recessive red
1x copy of saddle tan
DNA is highly diverse at 40% which falls outside the standard remit (26%-37%) meaning higher heterozygosity leading to lower risk of genetic disorders.

Worm & Flea Treated Yes
KC Registered No

Bug (fudge) is a pet and my personal working gun dog. He passed his kennel club working test on 01/03/23 and is activity registered with the kennel club. I use him for beating and picking up and we undergo regular training and he has competed in gundog competitions and scurry’s where he has collected multiple Rosettes. Biddable and easy to train. He is a loyal and kind hearted dog but will absolutely work his socks off when asked to. He hits cover hard and aims to please, a very honest dog to work with the ability to switch on and off. Videos can be provided of him working and picking up both in training, competitions and on a shoot day. Loves water, good swimmer, works on dummies, fur and feather, no behavioural issues. Competed in kirkbourne gundog test 2023 and got through to run offs for top spaniel. Great with kids and other dogs.

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