Desert Seeker Nithvalley: Gold WCS Stud

Desert Seeker Nithvalley: Gold WCS Stud
% label% Yes
Location Dumfries & Galloway
Stud Fee ££395
Name Of Dog Kai
Breed Working Cocker Spaniel
Age 4 years
Available From 22 January 2024
Health Checked Yes
Hips & Elbows Checked Yes
Eye Test Yes
DNA Tested Yes
Health Results Comments

DNA tested CLEAR for FN, PRA and AMS.
Hips: 6/6
Elbows: 0/0
Gonioscopy grade ZERO
Eye screening CLEAR/NORMAL
Perfect scissor bite
Patellas vet checked perfect

Worm & Flea Treated Yes
KC Registered Yes
Breeder’s License No 074175

Perfect health test results, top quality breeding and a very smart dog to with an excellent calm and friendly temperament. Proven to produce good sized litters of strong healthy pups.

11kg fit weight 12 inches (35cm) tall to the shoulder.

✔️ Health Tested
✔️ Natural Stylish Hunter and gamefinder
✔️Natural Retriever with soft genuine delivery
✔️ Sane and Sensible with good off switch
✔️ Kind, laid back temperament
✔️ Easy to train and handle
✔️ Sociable with other dogs
✔️ Quiet/relaxed in the kennel and dog box
✔️ Top class breeding
✔️Fertility tested

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