Health Tested Darkest Fox Red Labrador

Health Tested Darkest Fox Red Labrador Health Tested Darkest Fox Red Labrador Health Tested Darkest Fox Red Labrador Health Tested Darkest Fox Red Labrador Health Tested Darkest Fox Red Labrador Health Tested Darkest Fox Red Labrador
% label% Yes
Location Lincolnshire
Stud Fee £650
Name Of Dog Icon - AgLabs In Your Honour
Breed Labrador (Fox Red)
Age 18mths
Available From 16 March 2024
Health Checked Yes
Hips & Elbows Checked Yes
Eye Test Yes
DNA Tested Yes
Health Results Comments

Hips 4/3
Elbows 0/0
Patella 0/0
Eyes Clear
DNA KC 7 Clear

Worm & Flea Treated Yes
KC Registered Yes
Breeder’s License No A34268

Icon – KC registered exceptionally dark red (unlike others he doesn’t need photoshopping!) son of the legendary ‘Kingsman’, who was known worldwide for being the first American Mahogany red brought to Europe & the U.K. Icon is being trained in multiple disciplines, demonstrating his amazing adaptability and trainability. Unlike other studs used simply for colour, Icon offers the whole package of temperament and trainability- proven in his placings in working tests at not even a year old. There are endless videos of him training and demonstrating his outstanding behaviour around children, including those with special needs. We have hundreds and hundreds of photos of his dads stunning offspring available to view on our Instagram page. Icon was bred by ourselves here at Aglabs, we knew how special he was from the moment he was born! Icon is from a pairing combining both American imports, so whilst he is British born, he is entirely USA bloodlines making a brilliant option as an outcross to improve your lines COI.

✅ Working Gundog – Icon is proving exceptionally talented in this field. Already retrieving game; triple blinds; and handling well at a distance. He will be out on our shoots 3-5 days a week from September. Icon came 2nd in his first ever puppy working test in December.

✅ Obedience – Icon is being trained to go through competitive obedience grades and has over 20 trained tricks.

✅ Assistance – Icon is being trained as a multi task assistant and support dog. He provides multiple tasks for our deaf son. His father produced 30+ qualified assistance dogs for various charities in the U.K., France & Ireland. We expect Icon to follow in his footsteps and already he has pups entering these roles with organisations pre ordering his offspring months in advance.

Icon is an outstanding dog, combining the very best of USA lines, which offers a 0% COI to almost all U.K. fox reds. He is a physically strong dog who will only continue to improve as he matures. He does not have the typical American snipey head, he has a beautiful blocky head of a traditional English Labrador which he passes onto his offspring. He has no white nor any ‘mismarks’. Both he and all his immediate family members of whom we also own are extensively health tested;

Father 3/3 hips 0/0 elbows
Mother 0/0 hips 0/0 elbows
Sister Hips 1/1 Elbows /Normal
Multiple siblings have also now been scored 0/0

He himself has been BVA scored with excellent results

Hips 3/4
Elbows 0/0
Eyes Clear
DNA KC 7 Clear
Patella 0/0

Unlike many other studs Icon is ONLY made available to fully health tested females. We care about preserving the integrity of our lines, and such we expect those using our stud dogs to have performed hip elbow and eye testing as a minimum.

As experienced 5 star licensed breeder we provide a FULLY supportive stud service, from mating to Whelping and beyond we are always here for advice. We welcome first time breeders and we are happy to guide you through this complex process to help you ensure you are producing the healthiest, happiest puppies possible. We do require progeny to be endorsed not for breeding but am happy to discuss owners wishing to retain females themselves

All bitches must be progesterone tested prior to visiting. In the unlikely event your female does not take we offer a repeat mating on their next season SUBJECT to scan confirmation by your vet.

Icons stud fee is set at £650 for the 2023-2024 stud season. This includes an advert on our very popular Instagram and website.

He is proven and producing large litters of very dark red puppies. In the last month he has had litters of 12,14,12 & 8 born.

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