KC REG - English Springer Spaniel

KC REG - English Springer Spaniel KC REG - English Springer Spaniel KC REG - English Springer Spaniel
% label% No
Location Lancashire
Stud Fee £350
Name Of Dog Broc - Cindersash Buckingham of Tolkienhurst
Breed English Springer Spaniel
Age 18 months
Available From 13 January 2024
Health Checked Yes
Hips & Elbows Checked No
Eye Test Yes
DNA Tested Yes
Health Results Comments

Broc is a deep liver & white heavily marked dog.
Fully Health tested & UNAFFECTED of the following –

PRA Cord 1
EIC (exercise induced collapse)
Sps/SLEM (Shaking puppy syndrome)
Recent BVA/KC/ISDS eye scheme test & ALL CLEAR of the following-
Gonioscopy/PLA (0/0) – 3 yrs clear
Annual BVA eye test
GPRA (eyes)
CPRA (eyes)

Worm & Flea Treated Yes
KC Registered Yes

We have been breeders & providing stud services of English Springer Spaniels for over 20 years. Besides many returning clients, we do have a large number of new breeders.
We can offer professional advice & suitability on a range of our
stud dogs that will compliment your bitch. Broc is a kind, gentle & biddable dog, whom is very lovable in nature yet, he can tackle deep cover & is fearless when it comes to working. He will do anything you ask of him. Thus making his a suitable Stud dog when it comes to working, trialing & pet homes.
Included in the stud price will be a comprehensive package which includes- 5 generation pedigree, Stud contract, Information leaflet. We are on hand to give any further advice needed. Progestrone testing of your bitch will be required. This is a simple test to determine your bitches exact dates to be covered which maximises litter size, healthy puppies & her optimum chance to conceive. Approved bitches only. Pleaae see our social media pages – Hobbiton Gundogs or Website- http://www.tolkienhurst.co.uk for further information, testimonials & reccomendations.
Please telephone Paula on 07734 069141 for bookings & further advice.

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